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​From action shots of calls to training photos this page is a highlight of what the Cabarrus County Fireman's Association does.




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The ultimate sacrifice has been paid by men and women who have gone before us. This page is dedicated to them.

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Fire prevention

Your safety is important! Do you know what to do in an emergency? Below are a few things to keep in mind and to practice with your family today.

- Matches and lighters are dangerous

- Have a fire extinguisher close by
- Install carbon monoxide detectors
- Always be ready for any emergency
- Cook smart
- Have to ways of escape from a room
- Have a meeting place
- Once your out, Stay out
- Always check electrical cords before use

- Call 911 in an emergency
- Stop, Drop, and Roll
- Check your smoke dectors often

- Change the batteries every 6 months
- Stay low in a fire

- Practice your escape route
- Install smoke detectors
- Put emergency numbers by a phone
- Space heaters need space

president's corner

Welcome to the Cabarrus County Fireman's Association's website. As the president of the association I want to extend my gratitude to the men and women who make this association possible. My goal as the president is to run this association to the best of it's ability, however I can not accomplish this with out my great board. My goal for the association is to be able to use this as a link for the community to be able to be up to date on the Fire, EMS, and Law communities.



                                                                       Matt Ford, President

Cabarrus County

Fireman's Association  

Cabarrus County,NC